and useful terms

Webkey comes in two default editions; one of them is the Standard version which can be downloaded from the Google playstore and the Business edition which is a more customizeable version that is specialized for businesses.

Essentially they are the same software, that are designed for different audiences.



This edition of Webkey is available from the play store.
All features are available for Android remote control however some features may require a rooted device.

Free for one device.


This edition of Webkey is recommended for business purposes; special business features are available like

  • Headless version
  • Fleet ID
  • Pre-Installed Webkey client

and other custom features.

Other useful terms

Rooted device

Rooting an Android device means that the user is allowed a higher permission level to access the device’s background operating system.

With a rooted device, the owner can access certain features of the device that are otherwise blocked. Rooting a device can require technical knowledge, and in turn it gives you access to more features.


Signed APK

A (system) signed Android application package means a version of our app that is certified (signed) by the developer.
This can be specialized for the device manufacturer, making our app matched to the devices.
This can give similar permission levels to the end user on the given device, essentially unlocking some features that are otherwise limited by the system build.
If you are an Android device manufacturer, we invite you to get in touch with us to
start a technical partnership with us.

Headless version

This feature allows you to run Webkey on your devices without displaying an icon on the display.
The end user will not be able to interact with the Webkey app, but you will be able to control your device from the central dashboard.

Fleet ID

If you manage a large fleet of devices rolling out an app can be a challenge.
Webkey Fleet ID gives you the possibility to roll out the app on multiple devices with one account.
This personal APK is available upon request with our business edition.

Pre-Installed Webkey Client

For device providers, Webkey can be added as a default app onto the devices allowing users to start using it as soon as they start using their device.

In app LAN purchase

If you would like to use Webkey running on a select LAN, we offer you the option to purchase your own Local Access Network. Please contact us via the downloaded app.